One of the best regimens to stay in shape is cycling. Besides engaging your heart and lungs, riding an exercise bike will also increase your cardiovascular health, help you burn calories, boost your endurance, and at the same time increase your muscle strength.

Even more interesting is that you can now own a stationary bike at only fraction of the amount you could have paid at your local gym for a yearly membership. But first, before you hit any store and order your bike, we recommend that you do a little bit of legwork to find out which bike suits you best.

The first thing you’ll notice while conducting your research is that NOT all exercise bikes are the same. Each one of them arrives with a set of unique pros and cons that are worth considering before making any buying decision.

What to consider

i) Are you interested in buying a recumbent or an upright bike? For who can’t tell the difference, recumbent bikes are usually pedaled from a tilt back position, whereas upright bikes are erect and can only be pedaled while standing.

ii) The space you have. If your space is limited, then it makes more sense to go for a small manual bike instead of a large programmable one.

iii) The amount you wish to spend.

iv) Whether to buy a used bike or a new one.

With that in mind, how do you choose a stationary bike that will NOT wind up as an expensive cloth rack?

Check for the warranty

Always go for an exercise bike with at least two years of warranty on some of the major moving parts. You’ll come to notice that many bikes that arrive with extended warranties tend to have a limited probability of failure and heightened cost of repair. You may want to make that your first priority while shopping around for the best exercise bike.

Heart-rate Monitor

A good stationary bike is one whose heart-rate monitor doesn’t impede your movement. Bikes with contact monitors are NOT recommended because they only measure your heart rate when you touch them, and are as such inconvenient in a way.

That said, your best choice of exercise bike should be one with a standalone monitor or one with a chest strap.


Needless to say, a good machine is one that you can easily adjust or has a broad range of workout levels. You might want to ensure the bike you choose features an electronic resistance control that makes it possible for it to be adjusted for a variety of workout levels.

Weight limit

Your machine will still run even after the weight limit is exceeded. But one thing you can be sure of is that the machine won’t be lasting long.

To be on the safe side, it’s always good to go for a machine with the highest weight limit. Otherwise you may have to come up with a sticker that warns any of your chubby friends to stay away from your machine.


Some machines have on-board computers and LCDs that make it possible to adjust routine based on fitness levels. Other even go as far as offering heart-rate controlled workouts that take things such as your weight, age, and gender into consideration to adjust. .

It could have been a lot easier if this article made list of the bikes we recommends, but to avoid coming off pitchy, we found it best to focus on the features that make a particular exercise bike to standout. But if you’re planning to buy a machine that will last for years and with a minimal number of breakdowns if any, we suggest that you check out spin bike reviews before making any buying decision.