Owning a puppy is one of the best delights in life for anybody. One of the ways that a puppy conveys and investigates the world is through biting, however, puppy biting can rapidly turn into a major issue on the off chance that you don’t put a stop to it immediately.

Before you can put a stop to this issue, you need to comprehend why they bite. Other than it being a path for the puppy to investigate their new world, it is additionally a route for them to play.


At the point when puppies play with different puppies, they will all bite since this is a characteristic response to them? That is the manner by which puppies are relied upon to play with different puppies, yet they ought not to do it with individuals.

It is your job to teach them the appropriate way to play with people and that means letting them know that biting can hurt and is not appropriate. They also bite to communicate with you that they are hungry, so make sure that you feed them on a regular schedule so they are not hungry and trying to bite.

There are many other reasons why puppies bite, but knowing that it is a natural reaction is going to make it easier for you to deal with. You just need to be patient as you train them to stop biting.

Now, it is important that you start training the puppy from the first day you bring them home that biting is not acceptable. The earlier you start the training the simpler it is going to be to teach them.

When your puppy bites, give them a firm command of no or stop to let them know that they are being too rough. If they still persist with biting then you want to repeat the command and then leave them in the room alone for a few minutes.

This will teach them that biting is going to leave them with no one to play with. It is always good to have toys that are only for your puppy because you can let them know that it is okay to bite the toys, but never people or your things.

If they do bite people or your things, give them the command and then give them one of their toys so they begin to understand what they can bite and what they can’t. You have to be persistent and consistent with their training, which can take a little time to be taught to them effectively so that you end up with a puppy that biting is not a problem with anymore.

As you are training them, when they do the proper behavior and stop the biting once the command is given then you want to reward them. Tell them they are a good dog and give them a treat.

This will let them learn quickly what appropriate behavior with biting is and what is not. Just ensure that you do not punish your puppy for not understanding it right away because no dog responds well to punishment and can make the problem of biting even worse.

Now that you know how to stop puppy biting , you just need to spend some time with your puppy to show them the behavior you expect from them. It will be time well spent for you and your puppy when you have a dog that biting becomes a thing of the past for.